The Jewish american heritage month from the USA

Visiting professor: Marjorie Stern, Cultural Affairs Officer, Embassy of the USA
poza1Novelty and innovation are definitely omnipresent when it comes to education and academic approach in our school. Today, May 30th 2014, we had the honor of hearing from Mrs. Marjorie Stern about the jistory of Antisemitism & Discrimination in the USA. We heard - again, or for the first time- facts about the turmoil of the Jewish community and its development throughout the rough road towards democracy. It is definitely one step towards increasing our knowledge and our perception on the life of the Jewish community in the United States. Our students shared about their experience with the Holocaust survivors they had a month ago when we commemorated the Holocaust Remembrance day.

“The experience was especially interesting as so far we have been taught about the world’s History, emphasizing the Holocaust. We learned about oppressed Jewish people all over the world but today, thanks to Mrs. Stern, we understood more about the History of the Jews in the United States. The presentation covered over 300 years, hence we learned many new, interesting things” (Ilinca Manolache, 9th grade)

poza2“We had the opportunity today to discuss many interesting things about history and I wish this kind of meetings would happen more often.” (Mihnea Niculescu, 9th grade)
“From the presentation of today I have learned that historical recurrence never stop amazing me. I understood that anti-Semitism can affect a person’s reputation no matter of his historical importance. I really enjoyed American Corner, today.” (Tudor Nedelcu, 11th grade)
“A history lesson is always welcome and today’s approach on the issue of anti-Semitism was presented in an interactive manner. We tackled upon the Jewish struggle throughout American history. MrsMarjorie Stern did an excellent job to remind us the importance of the Jewish heritage in the USA & the world today.” (Marius Olinescu, 11th grade)
“I have often discussed about the Holocaust with peers or teachers but today’s perspective was a different one. I learned so much from our guest today, new things about the American Jewish community. I understood once again, what makes the Jewish people so strong and I am happy to be a beneficiary of this: a great education!” (Bianca Boanca, 10th grade)