Szarvas Camp

Every summer, 1,500 campers from over 25 different countries participate in Camp Szarvas, sponsored by the Ronald S. Lauder Foundation and the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee.

The camp of JDC - Lauder, Szarvas, started in the summer of 1990. Many years, lots of changes, and many traditions. Szarvas has already turned to a keyword, a symbol, an unmistakable concept for Eastern-European, and especially for Hungarian Jewry.

Today parents, who themselves were once campers or madrichim (group leaders), send their children here, and together with them they re-live their unforgettable experiences. Many organizations and creative initiatives have leaders who learned the commitment to the Jewish community, as well as the importance of the maintaining of Jewish tradition in the Szarvas Camp.

 Registrations are open each year during the 2nd semester of the school; the Lauder-Reut parents and students are informed about the duration of the camp, the conditions and the program in due time, by the management of the school.

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