DSCN4677 Starting with the school year 2011-2012, this project pairs as tudent from the 9th grade with a “brother” or “sister” from the 8th grade.The older "sibling” is meant to advise, share experiences and school values, and prepare the younger “sibling” for high school life.

Students from these two grades work together on an entrepreneurial project, “Business & Negotiation Skills”; they draw up a business plan, create a specialized business company learning and exercising their sales, negotiation & presentation abilities. At the end of the project, mixed teams - 2 students from the 9th grade and 2students from the 8th grade - present their business plans and products to a committee of bankers, business people, entrepreneours or other specialists.

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Un altfel de sistem de invatamant: Scoala unde si parintii isi invata copiii
Big Sibs, Little Sibs - Photo Gallery, 2013
Big Sibs, Little Sibs - Photo Gallery, 2012