My Dear Alumni

My Dear Alumni

tovaFirst of all, I want to wish you Shana Tova and a sweet and prosperous year!

I congratulate you for your Baccalaureate results and for the perseverance with which you studied during high school. We are very proud to know that all of you obtained one of the highest Baccalaureate results in the country.

I would also like to express my happiness for the scholarships and results you have obtained at the universities you are going to study (or where you are already studying). Your admission at these prestigious Romanian and foreign universities confirm the fact that you are extraordinary, ambitious and determined children.

As in all these years you have studied within the spirit of friendship – “Reut” – , I would like for you to continue in the same manner and keep in touch with your lives and the novel experiences you are going to have on your new professional and personal path.

Don’t forget that the treasured memories of your childhood and youth are kept with love and appreciation. We are looking forward to your visit and letters, whenever you can and from wherever you are.

I embrace you all with warmth,

Tova Ben-Nun Cherbis